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To Geli, he was known as Uncle Alf - 19 years her senior. He was passionate and intense, and saw something in her he loved. Veteran British narrator Patrick Allen (1927-2006) examines the mysterious death of Adolf Hitler's niece, Geli Raubal, who committed suicide in his Munich ap Geli Raubal. Hitler was deeply attached to his half-niece Geli Raubal, 19 years his junior. She began living at his residence after her mother became Hitler's housekeeper in 1925.

Geli raubal grave

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She was 23 and the official cause of death was listed as suicide. Angela Maria "Geli" Raubal ([ˈɡeːliː ˈʀaʊ̯bal]; 4 June 1908 – 18 September 1931) was an Austrian woman who was the half-niece of Adolf Hitler.Born in Linz, Austria-Hungary, she was the second child and eldest daughter of Leo Raubal Sr. and Hitler's half-sister, Angela Raubal. He visited her grave at Vienna’s Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) two days later. Thereafter, he overcame his depression and refocused on politics.

Geli Raubal was the daughter of Hitler’s half sister, Angela.

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When Hitler entered in a1929in Munich, was his half-sister Angela his housekeeper.Along with Geli she attended with him.In the two years after that went much with Geli Hitler ("Onkel Alf") to publicly;There were rumors that she would have a learned about Hitler’s perversion from Geli Raubal herself. He said that “after much urging” concerning the nature of her relationship with her famous uncle, she said: Hitler made her undress … He would lie down on the floor. Then she would have to squat over his face where he could examine her at close range and this made him very excited.

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According to Hitler’s photographer, had Geli not died, things could have been different. The Führer was reportedly heartbroken when Geli Raubal fell victim to a bullet from his own Walther pistol. Officially it was suicide.

Geli raubal grave

She and Elfriede accompanied their mother when she became Hitler’s housekeeper in 1925; Raubal was 17 at the time and spent the next six years in close contact with her half-uncle, who was 19 years her senior. Angelika «Geli» Maria Raubal (født 4. juni 1908 i Linz i Østerrike, død 18. september 1931 i München i Tyskland) var datter av Adolf Hitlers halvsøster Angela Raubal.
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ENZO CONDELLO Himmler: Most are content once lying in their graves.

Angela Maria "Geli" Raubal was born in Linz, where she grew up with her brother, Leo, and a sister, Elfriede. Her father died at the age of 31, when Geli was two.
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Se hela listan på 2018-02-08 · Geli Raubal’s mother left Hitler’s employ, and many of Hitler’s family members no longer spoke to him. He kept Geli’s bloodstained room as a shrine to her, filling it twice a year with flowers to commemorate her birth and her death. The death of Geli Raubal, shrouded in mystery, remains one of the darkest points in Hitler’s personal life. Adolf Hitler forced niece Geli Raubal to engage in disturbing Union fondly remembers the late DMX 'watching the Golden Girls' in his trailer on set of their 2003 film Cradle 2 The Grave 17/03/20 story of Geli raubal: the mystery of the death of her beloved niece of Hitler . Angelika (Geli) Raubal Maria was born 4 June 1908 in the Austrian city of Linz in the family of Angela Raubal (nee Hitler, the daughter of the father of Adolf Hitler Alois Hitler) and Leo Raubal.